New Tricks And Glitch In BGMI 3.1

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New Tricks And Glitch In BGMI 3.1

Okay, so let’s talk about the first trick which is coming out. Now read carefully at this stone. Here, first of all,

I am telling you the location in the map. This stone is on the hill of the shabby bridge. You will get to see it.

1.First step is to come near it and crouch and sit in this manner.

2.Second step is that you should have a portal stuff.

You have to create it here in this pit but if it is red then it will not happen to you. Do blue and make it here and here boom bam,

you will come inside it easy PG and brother see what this means, not a single body part of yours is visible from outside. No enemies on any coast will kill you.

Even a hacker will not be able to touch you, but you can see the anime. In this way, now you can see the outside view as well, it is looking wonderful, that means even if any anime comes, he will not know that, there can be a person inside this stone, if any enemy remains on top then he will be seen floating in this way and I will try to kill him, so okay the enemies have been killed here,

so you can think that you You can also kill with the weapon found and if you want to get out of this trick then let me tell you that it is also easy PG, you just have to jump on the jump button two-three times and get out

New Tricks And Glitch In BGMI 3.1

then let’s do the next trick. you can do this trick in all three location,

but first you will have to open the door here with a kick, so look here, I come towards the back, this door gets opened.

BGMI 3.1 New Mod Tips And Tricks
BGMI 3.1 New Mod Tips And Tricks

I go inside, suppose by chance you have opened this, then the entire enemy, meaning the entire angle map, comes to know that brother, someone has opened it here, then if by chance, any enemy is coming behind you. So I will tell you the location of the hide, you just have to come to the inner side,

jump on the stone that is visible in front and climb on it, see, jump once or twice, you will climb and then come here, after coming here, one more. You will jump here by doing easy PG. On top of this, if you want,

you can do whatever you want with prone crow here, but you will not be able to see the enemies at all, but you will be able to see the enemies and you will also be able to kill them.

Give them a surprise tuck. You can because if you don’t give foot step then they will not even know, they will just go ahead and you will just stand here and by crouching here you can kill them.

I will tell you an easy trick by which You can open this treasure,that is, you can solve this puzzle and you can take all the loot,

so first of all remember that as soon as you come near, it will automatically tell you which three points to shoot. And as soon as you look here, shoot in this way,

you have to fire one by one, two by two, and see the rest of the loot is in front of you. Okay, have put in a lot of hard work to make this article and one important thing is that this is the whole thing. Tips and Tricks You Seed Way So how if you like this trick, please do tell me in comment.


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