All About BGMI 3.1 Update Release Date, Features and more

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All About BGMI 3.1 Update

The BGMI 3.1 Update was expected to be released on March 20 2024, but due to some issues, it has been delayed. According to Classified YT, he said that the BGMI 3.1 update will come on March 27 at 8 a.m. The update will be released at the same time for both platforms Android and iOS. Also, you will be seeing a supercar spin for a Bentley car after the update release.

BGMI 3.1 New Features

  • Arabian Nights Theme: The update is rumoured to have an Arabian Nights theme, with new skins, emotes, and a limited-time game mode
  • New Map: There might be a new map called Livik, which is smaller and faster-paced than the existing maps.
  • Flying Carpet: A new two-seater vehicle called the Flying Carpet is also rumoured to be added.
  • Dance Grenade: This grenade is said to create a dome that forces players inside to dance.
  • Floating Boats: Two floating boats offering level 3 loot might be added to Erangel and Miramar.

BGMI 3.1 New Nimbus Island Map

The new Nimbus Island map includes two different islands, and different weather conditions. It is relatively easier to survive here since the Blue Zone will not inflict damage on you. So, the zone prediction strategies will not work in this map. Find out more about the map below.

  • There are two islands: Sky Isle (Day) and Sky Isle (Night). Sky Isle (Day) is bright and suitable for firefights, while Sky Isle (Night) is darker and better for stealth. You can choose to enter either one. There is a countdown timer for the Nimbus Islands. Once the countdown ends, you’ll be transported to somewhere high up in the Playzone. While on a Nimbus Island, you won’t suffer damage from the Blue Zone. The Nimbus Islands disappear at the end of the countdown and won’t be available again in the same match
  • Upon entering a Nimbus Island, you will receive a Respawn Card. Getting eliminated ona Nimbus Island uses up the Respawn Card. You can summon a genie on a Nimbus Island, which grants every player in the summoning team an additional special Respawn Card.
  • The Nimbus Islands are divided into 3 zones, with the palace containing the most supplies. However, it comes with the risk of even more intense battles.

BGMI 3.1 Flying carpet

Flying carpets will become a reality in PUBG Universe, according to the PUBG Mobile version 3.1 patch notes. Here are more details about it.

  • When there is no one on a Flying Carpet, players can use emotes near the carpet, causing it to dance with the player. When idle, the carpet will turn around and observe nearby players.
  • Flying Carpets can switch between low-altitude and high-altitude flying. Flying at low- altitude is slower and closer to the ground, and passengers will be able to fire from the backseat. When flying at high-altitude, players cannot shoot, but can activate a short speed boost.
  • Players can aim at a Flying Carpet from afar to recall it, and they also have the option to release it.

BGMI 3.1 New Sky Treasure Ship

The new sky treasure ship is another huge addition to the PUBG Mobile gameplay. This ship can travel to different locations.

  • The Sky Treasure Ship flies following a fixed route and stops for a while at each boarding point. When the Sky Treasure Ship reaches its final destination, the final crate can be opened for rare rewards.
  • There is a viewing mechanic on the Sky Treasure Ship that allows you to watch the ship sail from a special perspective. It is also loaded with supplies and randomly drops lots of airdrop rewards at boarding points along its route.
  • The Sky Treasure Ship also features a Firework Cannon, which can launch fireworks or be used for movement.

BGMI 3.1 Changes

  • Miramar Remastered: Miramar is expected to get a visual overhaul.
  • Weapon & Vehicle Balance: There might be changes to the balance of some weapons and vehicles.
  • Bug Fixes: The update will likely fix some bugs and glitches.
  • Performance Improvements: The update could improve the game’s performance.

Helpshift Update

Apart from this, Krafton also said there is going to be a helpshift update. The developer revealed that with the new BGMI 3.1 update, the game is upgrading its customer support system using Helpshift to offer better service. However, this means that the game will no longer work on older phones using Android 4.4 or iOS 10 and below. So it is recommended to all the players to update their devices to the latest version for smooth gameplay.


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