BGMI 3.1 New Mod Tips And Tricks Guide And More

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BGMI 3.1 New Mod Tips And Tricks

Today the update of 3.1 has come in bgmi and if you have not updated yet then update it and play this update a genie mod has come

so how to play this mode, what new things. We will explain all those things, so friend, I will tell you further. Well, let’s start. First of all, if we talk about the lobby, the lobby is something like this.

As soon as you come to the end lobby, when you open the back, you will see a treasure map inside the back and it will be with all the people, however, I will tell you further what is the function of the treasure map and here.

In the front you will see two carpets dancing and as soon as you click on dance, you will also start dancing with the carpet and I am saying that here the entire lobby is going to dance with the carpet and like Here,

there will be 5 seconds left, then your gathering animation will end three, two, one and then your plane will fly, so now let’s talk about

New Nimbas iland

our second point. Now as soon as you guys open your map, you will see two clouds above the plane path. One will come of orange color and one of blue color.

If you guys go to the orange cloud, it will be day there. Okay, and if you go to the blue cloud, then it will be night there. so let me show both the image one . Now if you If you watch both the image, you will be able to understand better that both the clouds are different scenes, that is, the blue cloud is night, it is a little dark type and the orange cloud is day. The one who is in regular mode is fine, the one who likes to play night mode then he can go to the blue cloud and the one who likes to play day mode then he will go to the orange cloud and the same regular and normal feeling. And brother, things are the same on both the islands, the only difference is day and night

and in the very center of this map, there is a stage to summon Genie and now if you open your back and see, then you will not get any response inside the back. This response is a little different, I will tell you further

Well, if we open the map here, we can see some exit points, so here there are 3, 4, 6, 8 and these are nine exit points. Right in the center, there is a stage that summons Genie. Okay, so friend, there is still some time left for Genie to be summoned, so till then let’s see how much loot is lying on the island. Loot is about to be found, come on friend and loot boldly.

So, on top of this island, you will see some such crates as soon as they are near it. You will go and the open button will come, press open, within a few seconds brother, this crate will open and there you will get some loot, so friend, you are also going to see trampling on this island, as soon as you stand on them, then you will get this. If .

And as soon as we come back on the stage, we realize that we still do not like Jeanie. If you can, then I can see an exit point in front of me. Let me go there and show you how the exit point looks in actual. So brother, you are seeing a magical cave type and an image that looks like it is 3D.

will we be able to summon Jini immediately. you can see that the option to summon Jini has come, so now let’s summon Jini, as soon as you go near it, it will appear here. There will be an option to summon Genie, you just have to click on it and it will take a few seconds and here you will get to see Genie and she will present one gift after another to you. Okay, so look at Chang Wu’s here too. The option is coming, well you are not going to change you and look at this here yes after jumping around and he has thrown some gifts near him now brother one thing is going to be noticed like you guys can see that next to my name There is a heart made and there is a written on it. Okay, so here I pick up some of the things thrown by Jeanie and now when I open the back, see here I have picked up a response card and there was a heart next to my name. Two is written on it. Have you understood? Now, brother, I have two lives, so here one person can pick up only one card and this genie throws four cards like this. Okay, so your entire squad can pick up this card.

Well, now let me take the exit and show you what is the scene of the exit. So my brother, as soon as you press leave here, you will immediately be thrown into the Erangle map, that too somewhere inside the circle, just like that, randomly.

Flying Ship

So now let’s talk about our third point. Now brother, let’s talk about this flying ship. And when you guys open the map, then inside the map you will see two yellow colored paths and brother

you can move your boat on this path. And this is the point you can see, right here, this boat will stop for a few seconds and if anyone wants to board it, then board it, okay, so as soon as the yellow light comes on inside such a portal, come inside this portal. Have to press Use and if you press Use then a carpet will come and the carpet will take you to the boat above and then as you come to the boat you will get to see a scene like this and if we talk about loot here then there is a lot of loot. -Bhar means your four men will loot a good amount and here you will first see a steering.

You cannot use this steering now. When the boat starts moving, I will use this steering and show you. Okay, so here is something. There are canons etc., we will use this also later, so let’s move upwards and there is a telescope installed here.

As soon as I press view here, you guys can see this boat from all four sides. How big a boat it is. And now let’s exit from here, well and let me show you other things, here now there are 5 seconds left for the boat to move, so you guys can see in the map, so when this boat starts moving, then you guys use the steering. You can do this.

like you will come to the steering wheel, a speed boost button will appear, if you click on it, then after a few seconds your boat will boost, which means it will go forward in speed, once I open the map and show it, then see brother, the boat is increasing a little in speed. Meaning, it goes slow like this, if you press the speed boost, it will go fast, right.

And now brother, if we talk about cannon, then there are two options here, one is you can burst fire crackers, so as soon as you fire, some crackers will come out from here. Which bursts by going forward and inside this cannon, there are two options like now one exit from here, I am here, you can burst one firecracker and one you can go inside the cannon yourself, then you will enter cannon. And then as soon as you shoot

you will be thrown forward and you can give a surprise attack on anyone with this cannon key. Well, now let’s talk about our next point, so my brother, when you guys open the map. Then you will see some towns inside the map. Three such towns

New Town

have been added inside the map. If you cannot go to Badal for some reason, then you people can come here and do some loot. You will also see some towns on this town, brother. There is going to be a lot of loot and there is a door in the very center of this town which

remains closed and you will have to solve a puzzle to open it, then you have to find some plates placed at such random locations, okay? So look, there is a plate here and you have to push it and from here the light will stop glowing,

then understand that the plate has been pushed properly, so as soon as you push two plates, then the door will open. A light will glow inside.

As soon as the light glows, then you have to go near the door and you have to press open. As soon as you press open, then brother, this door will open and there is a crate kept inside it and here too. You will get some amazing loot which you get on Badal, the same loot will be found here and by coming here you can complete your loot,

Secret Cave + Key

so now let’s talk about our next point, my brother, you will find something like this in the Erangle map. Caves will be visible and when you open the map, you will see four to five caves in the map and to open this cave, a key is required and so friend, you cannot open this cave,

so friend, I told you in the beginning. If there is a treasure map inside your bag, then the time has come to use it, then you have to use the treasure map, as soon as it is used,

your map will open and there will be a mark inside the map, so there will be a mark wherever it is. It seems that you have to go to any nearby mark, there you will get the key, then the bike is lying behind me, let’s quickly take the bike and go out to find the key.

So friend, if you get late, then here you will see some such marks on the ground and as soon as you go near it, you will get an option to dig, as soon as you click on it,

then here your man will start digging in the ground and There will be a bar of crates from here, if you open it, some stuff will fall from inside it and there is a key in it, so friend, there is no key here, you will have to search on the second crate, so brother, there are five crates in this location till now.

You have opened only one and you have not found the key, then you will have to open five such crates and any random one will have the key, okay, there is one more crate here, so from whichever crate the genie will come out, understand. That friend, there is a key in the same crate, so look, the genie has come out of this crate, that means the key is lying inside this crate, okay, so look here, she has thrown some stuff and see brother, I have picked up the key, so let’s open the back.

Look, now if we open the map, then all the caves inside the map have become colorful, which means that you can open any one cave. Okay, so now let’s take the car from the gate, the cave too. Let us open the cave and show you. Now brother, as soon as you go near any cave, some light will glow there and then if you go near the same pillar and press open, then brother, your key will be stuck in that pillar and brother. That door of the cave will open, okay and there is a little animation here and let it complete and see this brother, the door has opened, so come friend, let’s see one by one what all the

things are lying inside, so here I can see a little bit of loot, so anyway, your four guys will loot the thing here and below, there are some push plates and maybe something will happen further, so there is a crate lying here, if you open it, you will get the same sky one. You will get loot,

you will get new types of items, we will explain this too. Well, here a door is visible, so friend, to open this door, I saw a push plate below, so let’s go near it, here. Look, there is a push plate lying there, so if you stand on it, then this plate is pressed, so there is another plate here, so let’s press it too.

Okay, so the other plate is not visible, so now let’s go up, maybe that door will open. If you keep going, then look on the right side here, the light is glowing here, which means that the door has opened, press open and this too, the door has opened, okay, so there is a crate lying here too and brother,

there is a portal here which There is no leave portal, so if I press leave here, I will be thrown into the circle. Look, if I press leave, here I am thrown into the circle. Brother, this has cost me dearly. I would have come easily, but I have thrown it here for my convenience, so brother, he throws it anywhere at random, okay, nothing like this is fixed, okay, so I hope you all have understood,

Flying Carpet

so let’s move on to the next point. So my brother, in this game you will get to see two types of carpets, you have to pick up both these carpets and brother, there is no difference between these two carpets. Okay, from where you select grenades etc., select the carpet from there. You have to do this and hold it. Wherever there is a red mark, your carpet will not be ready. Wherever there is a green mark, your carpet will be ready. And as soon as you get closer,

the drive option will appear. And if you change the seat, then you will sit on the back seat, okay and there is a switch button here, as soon as you press the switch, it will go in the air and if you press the switch again, it will come down, then you can remove this carpet.

You can fly in two ways, one by sticking to the ground and one completely in the air, then press your switch here again and brother, you go completely in the air, okay and here you get the option of a sprint, air. As soon as you click on it, your carpet will fly forward at a speed of 180 for 2 seconds. Okay, and brother,

this carpet is going to be a two-seater vehicle and the bad thing about this carpet is that the fuel of this carpet will run out completely. The race ends, which means it ends quickly, and what’s more, brother, you do n’t even know how to fill yourself with fuel inside this carpet, so anyway,

now let’s talk about our second carpet, so here I will make it land down. Meaning, if I press the switch, it will come down and exit, then there is an option of bring here, like if you click on it, this carpet of yours will come back and now you take out the other carpet, then brother, both the carpets are not at all the same in speed. Everything is the same, the fuel is the same, brother, as much as it ends, so does this one, just press the switch and take this carpet forward, as soon as you press sprint on this too, it will also be at a speed of 180 for a few seconds. It will work, it’s exactly the same carpet, it’s just different, it’s okay, this one has skin, this one doesn’t have skin, then you can pick up only one carpet of one color, then if you want to pick up two, then you can pick up because it runs out of fuel. If it is, then you have two carpets, so you can use it twice, and if you have two carpets,

then there is more benefit. Okay, and if you exit the moving carpet, that is, in the air, then this carpet of yours is It automatically comes into the bag and does not fall down. Okay, if you have understood then let’s move on to the next point.

Teleportation Device

So my brother in this game you will get a magical wand which will teleport you from here to there. From there you use grenade etc., from there you have to use it and hold it and wherever you see a green mark, this portal will be ready

and wherever you see a red mark, there The portal will not be ready as soon as you leave like this, then your brother, a portal has been prepared, as if you enter it, you will be teleported from here to there. Do you understand, then this is the wonder of the magic trick and this is the portal,

isn’t it? It disappears after 30 seconds, meaning once you prepare it, it will disappear after 30 seconds. And brother, if you are shooting at this portal, then nothing is going to happen to this portal. It disappears after 30 seconds. so let’s move towards the next point in this game.

Dancing Grenade

Brother, you guys will get to see such a gold grenade. Brother, it is lying around in the Erangle map. Okay, so this grenade is a dancing grenade. You can throw it on any enemy. He will start dancing, then look here, you threw a grenade and along with Jeanie, an enemy is also dancing,

then as soon as the enemy gets hit by a bullet, his dance will stop and brother, you do not stop him by shooting one bullet, brother. If you don’t want to give the entire pellet, then he will give you the pellet, so here, as soon as you throw a gold grenade on any enemy, he starts dancing with the genie, so look now, I have thrown another grenade and as soon as If I go inside the circle, then friend, I myself will start dancing,

so friend, as soon as any anime or you come inside the circle, then friend, you will start dancing, brother, this is an amazing dancing granite, so friend, you are another one of it. You can use it: If someone is camping inside the house, then put a dancing grenade and he will come out dancing. If you understand, then you guys have understood about the dancing grenade, so let’s move towards the next point.

New Weapon (P-90)

A new gun has come with the new update, its name is P90, so brother, the ammunition of this gun is 5.7, not 5.6, it is the ammo speed of 5.7 and this gun is going to be a drop weapon and brother, its reloading speed is also very good.

And brother, there was no attachment inside this gun and there is only an in-build scope inside this gun which you can change by switching. If you understand then brother, I have not done much research about this gun. So friend, its recoil seems to be very less at the moment and it is a very cool gun for doing 1v4 and its damage image is also good, I had checked it a little if possible, so friend, this is a P90 gun, on top of it there. so I hope you guys have understood about the BGMI 3.1 bye bye


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